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Virtual Windows Application delivery that allows you to work from anywhere
is the most professional and intelligent way of delivering Application Virtualisation technologies available today. Host Virtualazed Applications reside on centralised windows server(s) which then allows any device to display the required remote virtual application. It is therefore possible to deliver windows applications to any device with the system level security of the server(s) whist delivering the performance of a local PC. Only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes will be delivered over the LAN or via the cloud.
most popular devices support
Support for most popular devices
Affordable, flexible & easy to use
  • Delivers all advantages of expensive virtualization solutions at a fraction of the costs
  • Seamlessly integrated in to any IT infrastructure
  • Reduced deployment time as it's easy to install and set up
  • Intelligently divides the power of the server to provide each user with their own feature rich PC experience
  • In line with your companies 'Green' initiatives with the lowest carbon footprint ever
  • Enable 100/1000s of workstations
Server Key Features
  • Unique Application Virtualization and Virtual Windows Host Technology
  • 100% compatible with existing IT-Industry standards
  • Integrated Connection Broker & Management Tools
  • Manage 1000's of Users, Groups and 100's of Windows Programs
  • RDP compatible remote Video Streaming protocols with a rich multi-media support
  • Revives and extends the lifetime of your old/existing hardware, OS’s and applications
Unified Application Virtualization
Unified Application Virtualization
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Maintenance & Subscription
Maximise the value of your existing software and hardware investments with maintenance subscription. This is the most convenient and cost effective way to access the latest tools, flexible licensing, product support and service via the cloud.
Server Requirements
Windows 2008 R2, 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 Operating Systems with RDS licensing.
VDI/RDS or 1:1 Computing for 64-bit Windows Operating System Release Pro or Enterprise, such as Win7 (SP1), Win8 and Win10.