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Cloud Gateway Server & HTML5 Application Launcher
The Cloud Gateway Server and HTML5 Application Launcher is software designed to connect remote users with Application Servers using just a web browser at the client side. The server software is considered a "Gateway", because it converts HTML5 code within the web browser to the enhanced RDP compatible Remote Application Protocol (RAP).
HTML5 Application Launcher
Cloud Gateway Server
Application Server

Key Benefits of HTML5 Application Launcher

  • No more Software installations necessary
  • No more maintenance and updates necessary
  • High OS's availability: Linux, Windows, Android, IOS and MACOS
  • No more dependency to hardware manufacturers
  • Reliable and stable, following standards: RDP, Apache, Web-sockets & Canvas, HTML5 etc
  • Print with your existing and installed local printer(s)

Key Benefits of Cloud Gateway Server

  • Central point of administration and maintenance
  • No VPN required, when accessing remotely
  • Access for mobile devices
  • Full support for SaaS and Application as a Service scenarios
  • Highly scalable and redundant
  • Includes secure 128 Bit SSL Cloud Print Server - print wherever, whenever

Hardware and Software Requirements,
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Cloud Gateway Server/Application Launcher vs VPN,
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Secure 128 Bit SSL Cloud Printing Benefits,
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