Cloud Gateway Server vs VPN installations:
Features Cloud Gateway Server VPN
Technology Gateway between HTML5 and RDS based Windows Servers. Access external via Web socket protocol and internally via Remote App Protocol (RAP)   VPN opens the ports from client side  
Security & crypting SSL IPSEC, SSL and other
Client installation No installatoin necessary VPN Client has to be installed  
Client configuration Not necessary VPN Client has to be configured  
Connectivity Automatically Manually  
User login Login via Application, server side credentials Client side login necessary  
Updates Automatically via browser Manually  
Server connection change (IP-Address) No effort for users, just running a link to the Gateway Server Necessary for all Clients to change  
Security SSL authentification, access via Remote Application Protocol (RAP) Depends on the VPN  
Ports Port 443 Depends on the VPN  
Virus/malware risk Low High, direct access via network  
TCO High Low