Windows Application Launcher

The Application Launcher Software
The Application Launcher Software supports Windows XP (or above) and is supplied for free. This means that you can maximise your existing hardware investment by extending the life of some or all of your XP compatible x86 PCs and Laptops.
What Client Device does support?
A standard (powerful) x86 PC or Laptop with Windows XP (or above). The Windows Application Launcher runs in conjunction with the Microsoft Windows Desktop and has its own 'start' icon.
What is 'Exclusive Mode'?

'Exclusive Mode' (EM) is the clever way to lock down a Windows device when that device is to be used for a specific task(s) only e.g. to run the Windows Virtualaze Application Launcher with 'Predetermined' Applications instead of the entire Windows desktop and Task Manager. Exclusive Mode prevents users from deleting predetermined 'approved' applications, selected browsers and prevents the user from closing important software tools. It also stops users interfering with the day-to-day use of the device.

Exclusive Mode enables Adminstrators to manage and run 100's/1000's of Windows devices in the most secure way possible. Thus avoiding Malware, Trojans, Spyware and Virusues that infect users 'local' devices. This feature is very important in that it 'future-proofs' devices as well as saving Administrators/CIO's valuable time and money.

The Education sector is an ideal example of where the Exclusive Mode technology can be used as multiple users often share devices in 'public' locations (e.g. Schools, Colleges, Universities and Private Training Providers). EM also unifys the user interface so it doesn't matter if you are running x86 OS's from WindowsXP to Windows10. Users will only be able to use their given Applications and will not be able to inferfere with the Windows desktop which significantly increases productivity and reduces IT support.

Exclusive Mode works with WinXP (SP3), Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 & Win10.