Application Server

What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is a way to make more efficient use of today’s high-performance CPUs by letting you run multiple user and application sessions on the same hardware. Having more sessions on the same hardware reduces the need for expensive hardware devices and high admin costs. It also also reduces space, power costs, carbon footprint and helps you to manage multiple virtual Applications and instances centrally instead of managing each individual PC or Laptop device.
What is Application Server?

is a product that delivers encapsulated virtualized Applications via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to users through the enhanced RDP compatible Remote Application Protocol (RAP).

solutions allow Windows Applications and computing resources to be centrally managed in secure data-centres or on servers within an intranet. Users can access virtual applications from anywhere through the Windows Application launcher software (Application Launcher).

A environment consists of 4 elements:

1. A Multi-User operating system (Microsoft Windows Server) with the Remote Session feature which allows multiple users to independently and remotely access their virtualized Applications via the unified Workspace Software.

2. Server Edition: delivers the RDS, the Virtualized Applications and the Unified Workspace (desktop) to the client hardware devices via the enhanced RDP compatible RAP protocol. The RAP provides remote display capabilities, multimedia redirection and a variety of other capabilities depending on the client's device.

3. The Application Launcher Software: sessions and applications are hosted, deployed, managed and accessed via the integrated Application Launcher.

4. The License/Broker & Deployment Center Server: delivers the central Session Broker Service to any installed user, group, application or device via IP. The Deployment Center is a management tool that administers and deploys all the necessary resources either over an Intranet or the Internet (Cloud) between the virtualized Applications/Servers and the client devices.

What about Application Performance?
The performance of your application(s) is very important. To ensure the application performs to the levels to your users require, the software efficiently manages the server performance based on the demands of the various application(s) running.
Why should you buy ?
With , administrators are now able to manage 100’s of Windows applications centrally and the technology can deploy these applications to 10’s/100’s or even 1000’s of users. This can be done without the need to come in to contact with either the client operating system or client device. not only saves time, money and effort, it’s significantly more cost effective when compared to other much more expensive, overloaded and complicated Virtualisation solutions currently available.
What server spec do I need for a deployment?
The spec of a server depends on many things… usage, number of users, the applications being distributed, the system load and Hardware resources. We strongly recommend that you use powerful Multi-Core CPU Server platforms, significant RAM (the more the better), a SDD hard-disk and if possible a fast network connection within your IT infrastructure. We recommend that you consult your reseller and/or distribution partners.
Do I need to prepare the Server OS before the Installation?

We recommend the following…

Applications: Any application that needs to be deployed on the client device also needs to be installed on the server.

Users: supports Domain controller environments – you can use the Windows Server Domain controller to create user profiles. also works with user profiles even without a Windows Domain Controller.

RDS: Install the Microsoft RDS license server and services on your Microsoft Windows Server operating system and use with your existing Microsoft license key(s). Desktop Operating Systems for 1:1 usage do not need to install RDS.

Other Services: Install one or many network printers and set up the required File-Server resources. Always backup your data first!

Do I need any Training, Seminar or Webinar to help me install the Server?
No. is very easy to install, deploy and manage. Simply follow installation instructions (see Quick Install Guide). If you have experience of installing software on a PC, you should be able to download the necessary installation software from the homepage. There is only one Setup.exe file to install in order to start the installation. During the installation process, the Software will ask you to type in your license key. After a few minutes, your Computer will ask you to reboot. Once the initial reboot is complete, the software will be ready to go and you will be able to select the applications you want to deploy.
Will there be any application compatibility issues with ?
Most applications are designed to be ‘multi-user’ and should therefore run immediately under Windows multi-user profiles without any issues. is 100% Microsoft Windows compatible.