General Advantages

Does solve your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) problems?
BYOD can cause significant IT issues but with these can be solved in the most cost effective and affordable ways.
  • Data-Security: protects your business data from unsecured private IT-environments
  • Privacy: allows you to separate your private environment from your business IT environment
  • Infrastructure: allows you to use your existing IT infrastructure
  • Support for Hardware & Software: integrates seamlessly with different platform(s) allow you to unify your IT infrastructure
  • Device management: Personal hardware devices (e.g. Smartphones) can be easily managed and integrated in to a corporate IT infrastructure
  • Cost savings: Companies can save lots of additional money by integrating personal devices which they did not need to be purchased
What advantages does have and who are the target groups?
is a universal software solution for many different target groups. Which group fits your IT needs:
Small & Medium Business (SMB's)
  • Allows you to keep up with global competitors IT spend
  • Allows you to afford and meet the latest business standards
  • Allows you to keep up with rapid technical/ IT changes and challenges
  • Allows you to keep up with updates in legislation and restructuring
  • Allows you to save money on IT administration and also streamline expensive outsourced services
  • Enforce data security and privacy of related confidential data
Industry & Manufacturing
  • Allows you to protect your production hardware if it works in harsh conditions e.g. humidity, dust and oil
  • Allows you to reduce the risk of ‘loss of data’ or total ‘system failure’ which an entire production and logistics infrastructure may depend on
  • Allows you to secure against data security issues or potential industrial espionage
Government & Military
  • Governments agencies may be behind in terms of the delivery of up to date digital data delivery
  • Reduce IT personal buy increasing the number of IT tasks (and support) managed at the server only
  • Where it is impossible to deploy appropriate software via current IT hardware and traditional solutions
  • Very difficult to manage 100’s or 1,000s of client desktops in a reasonable time frame
  • Existing IT-infrastructure (which may be Windows XP) can be very old (2000-2005) but can now deploy the latest applications
  • Modern virtualization technologies and solutions never delivered the required outcomes, simply didn’t work as hoped or were not fit for purpose
Schools and Training Centers
  • Can now try to manage with extremely low or non-existent IT budgets
  • Can now keep up with and delivering the latest IT technology
  • Can easily manage different hardware and software platforms (both old and new)
  • Older hardware/devices can be outdated and expensive to upgrade. Now they can now be used for longer
  • Operating systems and software releases are not easy to maintain and upgraded. With this can be managed easily
  • With , you can ensure that existing servers are used to their full potential instead of being under utilised
  • With , you can ensure that installed Applications continue to be used so that they meet the desired curriculum targets
  • will allow you to release funds to which will help towards new IT infrastructure budgets
  • IT admin are having to work overtime to manage all the issues. will not only help to rationalise the admin requirement but centralise the management
  • Annually, there is always an increase in students numbers and technical requirements. will help to keep pace with up to date technical needs whilst reducing costs
  • manages the application delivery from the server so issues of data-security and protect against viruses, Trojans and malware are as secure as the server side security
With you are utilizing several decades of experience. Its cost-free updates and services (*) are designed to allow Application Virtualization to be affordable as it saves you time and money. It’s low cost, easy to install & manage and meets all of the requirements of your IT needs
(*depending on your licensed product)