| HTML5 Browser App Launcher

Run your Windows Applications from anywhere in your browsers

Run your existing Windows Desktop Applications in the Cloud or your Intranet and access them from any browser from anywhere— no plugins or any Software modifications required.

HTML5 Application Launcher is an innovative solution that provides all your Windows Application to your users on any device, anywhere, just using your browser.

While connecting to the Application Server this unique technology gives your organisation freedom and mobility, increased security whilst at the same time an reducing your IT costs.

BYOD Scenario - reuse your existing PCs, Laptops or Thin Client devices. Access your Standard Windows Applications and data from anywhere via your Computers, Tablets or Smartphones.

Separate smoothly and conveniant private from business applications and data. Avoid any data lose or theft, prevent viruses, malware and trojans from your valuable data.

HTML5 Application Launcher is browser based and independant from any Operating System or Hardware platform. All of your Client environment will be standardized and unified, as they will be centrally managed by ’s user-friendly Application Launcher and Management Software platform. The HTML5 Application Laucher Software is available at low cost and the Management Software is included for free

Key Features
  • HTML only, nothing to install on the client or your host side
  • Support for iPad, Android tablets, Win Surface/RT, Blackberry Playbook and Smartphones... all devices supporting browsers with HTML5 specifications
  • TLS (SSL over IP) and Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  • Supports W8/W2012R2 and touch remote computing, turns any tablet into Win-8 tablet
  • Connects to the Server from anywhere and on any device
  • Remote Web Access Portal integration
  • Clipboard function
  • Enhanced video acceleration
  • Seamless clipboard redirection for text string content, copying between remote Apps
  • Supports standard network printers
  • Supports secure 128 Bit SSL Cloud Printing with your local installed Client printers
  • Supports audio encoding
  • International keyboard support and many other features
Hardware Requirements
Min. 700 MHz x86 PC or Laptop or any actual ARM-based TV-Multimedia, tablets or smartphone devices. There is no diskspace necessary, nothing to install.
html5 app launcher
12 Key Benefits
  • Access over the Cloud, LAN or any Wireless connections
  • Enjoy this fast bi-directional Multimedia Application Streaming Protocol
  • Fast Installation via a modern Installation Wizard. It takes just minutes – no training lessons or expensive certifications necessary
  • Easy to administer - all settings can be changed locally and remotely with a few mouse clicks
  • Unified User Interface for a productive Workspace environment – no more Windows Desktop confusion
  • Manage unlimited Application Servers, Applications, Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Management Tool automatically manages all settings, information, subscription licenses, releases and new updates
  • No Java Script, Flash, ActiveX or Plugins required
  • Easy integration into new and existing IT infrastructures
  • Neutral to any Standard Device and Operating System
  • Use TLS Security or Network Level Authentification (NLA)
  • Steamlined for your PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphone with HTML5 browsers
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Software Requirements

HTML5 Application Launcher supports all browsers that support WebSocket and canvas e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera; IE 10, or IE with Chrome Frame plugin. Optional: Use your own or the customized Gateway integration. The HTML5 Browser based Application Launcher has a separate licensing and needs in certain cases an additional programming and installation effort to integrate the Web-Gateway Software.

Please contact in this case our support and sales team or ask our distribution partners.