vs. Containers & Virtual Machines

Are you looking for solution that is cost effective, easy to install and easy tomanage and deploy? A solution that is plug-and-play that allows you to Web-enable or publish your virtual Windows Applications via one or multiple Application Servers at single or multiple locations? If so, then is for you!
eliminates the complexities of Container Technologies (Microsoft App-V or VMWARE ThinApp) and Virtual Machine Technologies (VMWARE, hypervisors or KVM).
provides you with a fast, simple and affordable solution for all of your needs in multiple scenarios and environments.
Features & Functions Container-App VM
Windows Application Publishing
Windows Application Support1)
Cloud based/Mobile Support/HW independent2)
Application Usage & Support
Performance & Execution & Runtime High Ca. 20% slower Runtime
Software Compatibility as Desktop PC Difficult to update
Application & Server Management
Application Access
Runtime in Application Sessions
Workspace User Interface to present all Apps
Low Resources Utilization (CPU/RAM/HDD) Very low Heavy load Heavy load
protocol security
Supports 128-bit SSL Encryption via HTML5 Streaming only
Supports lower proprietary Encryption No encryption
Network & Bandwidth
Minimal Overhead/optim. Remote Application Protocol (RAP) (RAP) Streaming high load
Efficient in low Bandwidth Environments N/A
simplified licensing model
Named User Access
Project/unlimited AppServer License N/A N/A
Eliminate need for RDS Services (Desktop OS/s: Win7-64-SP1, Win8-64)
ease of use and efficiency
Installation/Configuration/Deployment (<1h)
Low CPU/Memory Footprint & Usage Heavy load Heavy load
Low Config./Management Overhead
solution focus
“SaaS“, LAN/Cloud Deployment Model
“Unrestricted“ Deployment Model
“Reduced“ Infrastructure Workspace
managment & server software
Deployment Center Management Tool
HTML5 Web/Cloud Gateway Server
Deployment Center Management Tool Central Client Update Need to update every Client Need to update every Client
License Manager for Physical Server
RDS based Application Server Support Streaming
Non-RDS based App Virtualization Streaming optional
Container based Applications
VMWare/KVM/hypervisor compatible
Product Price and Training costs Low Medium Medium
Installation and ongoing MaintenanceCosts (TCO) Low Medium Low
Product Performance & Sustainability High Medium Medium
Summary for Decision Makers


1) Windows 32-Bit & 64-Bit OS/s and Applications
2) Executable via Standard Browser/Parameters
Recommendation: always use external input devices, such as keyboard and mouse