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The smart reuse of outdated computers

We all rarely consider the use of computers and that it will create a problem after usage. How can we dispose all of the outdated PCs? And this is for sure not a small concern. The Gartner Group estimates the today worldwide used computers at about one billion. The average lifespan if a laptop is four years, for desktop PCs up to 5 years and there is a tidal wave of PCs to expect ready for disposal shortly. For sure this number can only increase, not even talking about there are already hundreds of million computers no longer in use, sitting in shelfs, garages or waiting to be shipped to Africa to recycle. Most PCs are for sure electronic waste and will not be disposed properly. recommends to reuse an existing computer, so this conserves natural resources. To make a standard new computer requires in average:

  • 500+ Kilogram of fossil fuels (grabbing resources, production, transport and recycling)
  • 500+ Kilograms of clean water
  • 24+ Kilograms of chemicals and much more

How many obsolescence computers could be donated to charity for refurbishing and recycling. How many humans have no access to any computer?

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