Simplifying & unifying your IT from the bottom up
Why choose IT-Infrastructure Services
Windows Apps, anywhere
Windows Apps, anywhere
Get Access to Windows
Apps and Data from any
Device and Locaton
Flexible and Scalable
Flexible & Scalable
Get Apps from Cloud-
based, on-premises or
hosted Deployments
Affordale and Cost Reduction
Affordale & Cost Reduction
Unify your existing PCs & IT-
infrastructure with
to improve efficiency
Security and Lighting fast
Security & Lighting fast
Achieve lighting fast
Performance with the
highest Security & Standards
All-in-one Platform
All-in-one Platform
Scale up your VDI and
solve the Demand of
increasing Workloads
  • Manage and deploy virtual Windows Applications and Desktops via the Cloud and/or the Intranet within shortest possible timeframe (hours, not days and at the lowest cost
  • Deliver the most intuative Management Interface to create your own Virtual Applicaton or Virtual Desktop Servers(s) and Server Cluster(s) so applications can be distributed anytime
  • Achieve lightening fast Performance with the highest Security and Standards whilst giving you a full Overview of your IT Infrastructure
  • Scale and futureproof your IT-Infrastruture via the Licensing Model so that additonal Servers, Users and Client Devices can be added seamlessly
  • Access your Applications via the Windows Access Clent or the HTML5 browser Access Client w/o any Plugins or any Software Installations
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