school and training center
Solution for Education and Training Centres

Scenario: Due to constant reduction in budgets, each year schools buy different computers and associated software in order to try and satisfy their needs. As a result, most schools have a mixture of old and new IT equipment. The older equipment is often outdated and expensive to upgrade and maintain. Often the infrastructure is poor and there are various operating systems with differing software releases, which makes everything difficult to manage. As a result, the servers and network may be under or poorly underutilised because most PC’s have the software application(s) installed on the local computer. It is also likely that these PC’s have software that no longer meets the curriculum needs.

Solution: With the school is able to reuse existing and outdated PCs instead of buying new IT equipment every 4-5 years. The life span of this old equipment can now be used for many more years in conjunction with any new PC’s purchased. Each existing PC is simply loading only one ‘thin-access’ software (the Application Launcher) which allows it to run remote (pre-installed) virtualized applications from the central ‘powerful’ server ( Server). It can then display the latest Windows operating system (which ever the latest OS may be). Updates and upgrades need only be done once on the server, instead of many times across all the PC’s. Not only does this reduce maintenance time significantly it centralises the software Apps and increased the life span of the hardware.