government and military
Solution for Government and Military

Scenario: In many countries the Governments insist their departments deliver digital data, receive information and services from anywhere and at any time in the safest and most secure way possible. This has to be done at the minimum possible cost in both people and hardware/software resources. This means that traditional methods of distributing software can be inappropriate (and sometimes impossible). It’s also virtually impossible to reach many hundreds or thousands of desktops in a short time e.g. an update of a database with the back office. Military ro police departments face the exact same issues. The IT-infrastructure (Windows XP) is mainly from around 2001-2005 when modern virtualization technologies did not exist.

Solution: Governments and military departments can trust and rely on for an intelligent, affordable, fast and flexible IT environment that overcomes the the existing problems of PC's (old and new) and traditional client/server environments as well as older OS’s.