small medium business
Solution for Small, Medium Business (SMB's)

Scenario: Global competition, new business standards and ever changing laws push companies to invest in new technology in order to meet productivity needs/objectives, current legislation, security and technology updates. However, budgets remain tight, cover the cost of upgrading increase and IT departments are run as economically as possible. Limited IT staff means that computing and support costs have to be controlled and managed.

Solution: is the only solution that allows you to run multiple hardware platform/devices (both new and old) at the same time, in the same environment, with the same operating system and the same applications. In addition, you’ll be able to join meetings and have remote access to all your data, where ever you are and where ever you have access to the server(s). Being flexible whilst growing/managing your business is a very important factor, so your IT-infrastructure should be scalable and affordable. Typically you would replace some if not all your hardware and servers every three, four or even five years. Now, with IT leaders have a solution that allows them to ‘unify’ their IT infrastructure so they can ‘do-more-with-less’. application virtualization enables IT leaders to centralize their IT operations and to streamline a secure infrastructure which will help to reduce costs significantly.