Investor's FAQ

What does Technology do?
Create, manage and deliver centrally hosted Windows Applications securely to PC or laptop devices.
What is 's mission?
Simple Application Delivery
- Deliver applications to end-user's device, running Windows XP and above or any computing device, which is able to run a HTML5 browser with the HTML5 Application Launcher
- Deliver applications to any client computing device, such as PCs, Laptops, Set-top boxes, TV-sets, Tablets, Smartphones or any other new and innovative approaches and industries
- Enable remote Application computing for intranet and data-centers
- Ease deployment of virtualized Applications and increase IT efficiency
- Simplify management and reduce cost of ownership
- Enable flexible mobile working
- Reduce complexity compared with Citrix or VMware
What are 's products?
Application Server Unify and UnifyPlus Edition.
Where/who are they sold through?
Our Software is sold through channel partners and resellers.
Who are its customers?
In principle every organisation managing a complex IT infrastructure with multiple even different computing devices, users and various operating systems and applications. Examples: schools, universities, small and medium sized companies upto larger organisations, such as military, government, banks and insurance companies etc.
Where are its offices located?
Germany, Turkey, UK, Poland and in Taiwan.