Solution for Universities and Further Education

Scenario: The situation in large educational institutions such as a university or FE College is always the same, 'there are not enough resources due to reduced budgets'. This affects both new infrastructure, and a decrease in IT staff so existing administrators have to do more with less…. and in less time. At the same time, the number of students increase, remote sites evolve and advanced technical requirements are required every year. Not only that, but students want and are encouraged (due to cost savings) to use their own devices so security is also a major issue.

Solution: helps IT administrators to unify the campus IT environment and enable to administrators to install software centrally and deploy all the software remotely. This has a major impact of protecting data (and applications) from viruses, Trojans or any other malware. Administrators and IT decision makers are then seen to be helping the staff and students to improve their learning whilst at the same time protection the University/FE college infrastructure across all IT hardware and software platforms.