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Save time - manage 1000's of Users/Apps and Servers remotely

The Deployment Center Server instantly manages all of your Application Servers, virtual Windows Applications, User and Group Profiles, Licenses remotely. The Deployment Tool creates and stores all related assignments and credentials in a central crypted database, which will be automatically backuped to reach a high redundancy.

"All-in-one" Solution

With you get the untimate tool. With the Deployment Center you have the ability to discover, automate, model and manage all of your Windows Application Servers and virtual Applications for migrations, deployments and daily Application management without having to worrying about complexity.

Highly efficient and affordable

The Deployment Center saves your company/corporation time, effort and money while minimizing your organizations security risks. Virtual Application or virtual Desktop transformations can be completed within minutes, within your predefined budget, with the minimum end user disruption and most importantly without the need or cost to train Administrators. This makes Virtualaze the most intuitive and logical solution available.

Easy to install, easy to use and high redundancy

Set up your Deployment Center Server and remote Deployment Center Application Launcher Client in less than 5 minutes. The Management Console is intuitive and logical to use. The integrated Backup service guarantees you a high redundancy and uptime of your Deployment Center Server database

User Licenses - free Updates - always Up to date!

The Deployment Center Server significantly accelerates application deployment and migration to all the most widely recognised OS/s... Coming soon Windows 10 and Windows 2016 Server Edition Operating Systems.

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