HTML5 Browser App Launcher

Do I need to install anything on the client or host?
No, there is no installation required on client devices or for the Application Server. You only need to make sure that you have an HTML5 compatible browser installed. You do not need to install Java, Flash, ActiveX or any other plug-ins.
Can HTML5 Application Launcher work with existing VPN gateways?
Yes, the HTML5 Application Launcher seamlessly works with your existing Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint and many other SSL VPNs.
What resolution and color depth is supported by HTML5 Application Launcher?
The maximum resolution supported is 4096 x 2048 and the HTML5 Launcher compatible RDP and RAP protocol supports 8, 16 and 32 bit colour. Since Windows 7, Microsoft recommended using 32 bit colour instead of 24 bit colour, so the HTML5 Application Launcher removed 24 bit colour support. However, that can be added back if you require in order to reduce the file size(s). Therefore the max. standard resolution will be 1920x1280.
What security settings are supported?
Standard encryption (RC4) and enhanced encryption (Network Level Authentication) is possible for both the Web-Gateway and the Application Server. Between the client side browser and the web-gateway you can enable SSL so that communication will be protected by HTTPS and WSS (WebSocket Secure Connection). You can also choose to use TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2 or disable SSLv3 on the web-gateway side.
Can I integrate the Web-Gateway into my own domain or web-space?
Yes, it is possible, but please contact our technical support or discuss with your reseller.