Technical Area of Application

1.One Platform: MultipleWindows Operating Systems

is able to virtualize Multiple Server OS/s, Desktop OS/s and even Standard Windows Desktops for multiple Users. ....all at the same time on one Platform

One Platform
  • Support for Server OS/s & Applications: W2008R2, W2012R2 W2016
  • Support for Desktop OS/s and Applications: Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64 Windows 10 x64
  • Clipboard Exchange Support for central Files & Folders
2. One Workspace Desktop –Multiple Applications
One Workspace Desktop
  • delivers every User with a simplified Workspace for virtualized Windows Applications.
  • The Workspace supports your central Private Folders under Single and Multi Screen environments.
  • Global Clipboard Exchange between virtual Application Servers and virtual Applications
3. One Software to reuse your existing Windows PCs & Laptops
One Software
  • Application Launcher can be executed on existing OS/s, such as: XP-SP3, Vista, Win-7, Win-8.x, Win-10, Server 2008-R2. Server 2012R2 and W2016.
  • Application Launcher “Exclusive Runtime Mode“ eliminates the Microsoft Windows Desktop overload.
  • The Workspace unifies and dramatically simplifies software deployment.
  • Reduce e-waste dramatically and save money because your existing devices won't need Win10 or any drivers updates –devices could literally work “forever“.
Windows Desktop plus virtual remote Applications (Icons)

is able to support existing Windows Desktops with “Remote Applications“. Just creates your shortcut to connect to any remote Application Server with a simple mouse click.

Remote Applications